Chór odgłosów przemysłowych

[Choir of Industrial Noises]

Nowa Ruda/Wrocław (Poland), 2015

The Choir of Industrial Noises was formed to recreate the sounds of a coal mine. At first we took beatboxing lessons. Then we worked with an elderly miner who helped us build coal mine ambiences of considerable fidelity. Later we developed methods of vocal improvisation and pieces of music based on the sounds of heavy industry.

The work was presented in a concert at Galeria na Czystej and as the soundtrack for a dance theatre performance Węglowa Odyseja/The Coal Odyssey in June 2015.

Supported by the Culture Centre in Nowa Ruda and the European Capital of Culture 2016 in Wrocław.

Miasto puszcza

[City Plays Back]

Warszawa (Poland), 2015.

Listening, recording, and music making workshop.

Organised by Dom Kultury Zacisze.