Rozmowy międzypokoleniowe

[Intergenerational talks]

Centrum Aktywności Międzypokoleniowej / Centre for Intergenerational Activity, Warsaw, 2023

Audio documentary/podcast.

Some people are friends in spite of the considerable age gap between them. Or it’s because of it.

Fajrant | Feierabend

[End of Shift]

Warsaw, 2021

Bandcamp release.

Meditative ambient composition based on recordings made in and around the Warsaw steel mill.
Small children are sometimes lulled with vaccum cleaners. And big children?


[Phone Booth]

Glissando, Warsaw, 2021

Dwaj panowie odwiedzają biura z zamiarem przetestowania budek akustycznych. Pełna drobnych zwrotów akcji opowieść o współczesnej pracy umysłowej.

[Two men visit two offices with the intention of testings phone booths. A story about contemporary ways of work told with a few little twists and turns.]

Idź aż usłyszysz – Warszawska Jesień

[Walk Until You Hear – Sound Walks]

Warsaw Autumn Contemporary Music Festival, 2020.

Four soundscape compositions made of recordings of sound walks.

Místní rozhlas

[Municipal PA System]

Saamleng, 2020

CD/DL release.

Field recording.
Street megaphones hang on buildings and poles in most Czech and Slovakian villages and towns. Dozens of them broadcast simultaneously.


[Rubbish Chute]

Audio show, 2020

Several people’s thoughts on the use, perception, and social role of rubbish chutes, enhanced with HD sounds of falling rubbish.

1st prize in “Hear! Architecture” contest organised by Fundacja Bęc Zmiana (Warsaw, Poland).

Zimowy spacer dźwiękowy

[Winter Sound Walk]

Warszawa (Poland), 2019

Listening and recording workshop.

Organised by Stowarzyszenie Pedagogów Teatru with Sebastian Świąder.

Photos by Aga Wiśniewska.