[Rubbish Chute]

Audio show, 2020

Several people’s thoughts on the use, perception, and social role of rubbish chutes, enhanced with HD sounds of falling rubbish.

1st prize in “Hear! Architecture” contest organised by Fundacja Bęc Zmiana (Warsaw, Poland).

Zimowy spacer dźwiękowy

[Winter Sound Walk]

Warszawa (Poland), 2019

Listening and recording workshop.

Organised by Stowarzyszenie Pedagogów Teatru with Sebastian Świąder.

Photos by Aga Wiśniewska.


Soundscape Interventions

Divadlo na půdě, Praha (Czechia)
Sauna Nuuk, Hradec Králové (Czechia)
ACUD, Berlin (Germany)

Sound performance/installation.

The musical fabric comes from the closest surroundings. The music oscillates between amplification and electronic processing of the sound environment, all in real time.

Supported by Adam Mickiewicz Institute (culture.pl).